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We are currently seeking quality link-exchange partners with sites relevant to the racing lifestyle, but with sites that do not compete directly with ours. Please send us an e-mail with your URL, site title and description, e-mail address and contact name.
Please email the application so that we can review the registration form for the proper information. The main components that need to be on an application are Bib No., Name, Age, Gender and what event the participant is doing if there are multiple events.
Bib Numbers
Where to purchase – this is just a small sampling of many of the companies out there that will print bib numbers:
 Rainbow Racing www.rainbowracing.com
Runners World www.runnersworld.com
Bib Numbers www.bibnumbers.com
 Running Count Inc. www.runningcount.com

What types of bibs to purchase:
Please order bib numbers with 3 of 9 bar codes applied to the pull tags. The pull tags should have at least an area for name, age, sex. The pull tag should have a hole in it as well in order to be able to put it on a stringer. If you have drawing prizes then you would also want to get a drawing prize tag.

Also remember to get safety pins for the bib numbers which can be purchased at many of the reference sites mentioned above.

Here is an example of what the bib number tag looks like:

There are many t-shirt screen printing companies in Colorado please do a search on the Internet and you will find several.
Things That Make A Successful Event
 Course – Runners look for new and unique courses
 Refreshments – Runners look for good food, water and drinks. Sponsors can help with this.
 Shirts – Make your shirts colorful and unique
 Awards – Have unique awards and a fair amount of age groups. In order to attract other types of participants you might want
    to have race walking awards and age groups and ribbons for a fun run.
How to Drive Registration
Mailing – Mailing lists. Active.com provides a mailing service for a fee.
Active.com – Can do many things to help drive registration, please check with them about their services.
Passing out brochures at other events
Other Items
Music – Sweetness and Company (303) 237-7777
Insurance – Rachel Bishop (303) 751-1952
Packets and distribution – Parthenia Jones (303) 877-8534
Scaffolding - Colorado Scaffolding & Equip. Co., Inc (303) 287-3333 website: www.coloradoscaffolding.com
Portable Toilets
Bib Number Assignment
Bib numbers should be assigned to participants as entries are received via Active or site registration. There are multiple methods that can be used to assign bib numbers.
Method 1:
Bib numbers are assigned to participants as they walk into a registration site. The participant is then given there bib number, shirt and goody bag.

Mail in participants or Active participants can pick up their numbers on the day of the race. Some races will optionally bring in the mail in participants and Active participants to a pick up location before the race starts. For example mail in and Active registration may start a month before actual walk in registration at sites begin. All of the mail in and Active registrations are assigned bib numbers, given shirts, and a goody bag and the packets are then brought to the walk in site of choice.

Pros – Participant has many choices and it can alleviate a lot of race day traffic for packet pick up.

Cons – It requires much more personnel to be able to bring packets to the sites and pick up registrations on a regular basis as well as keeping all of the locations supplied with race materials (e.g. shirts, packets, applications, bib numbers etc.)

Method 2:
All mail in, Active, and walk in registrants are given their bib number and other items on race day.

Pros – Easier to handle registration for smaller races with limited resources.

Cons – Does not offer as many choices to participants. Creates more race day registration traffic.

It is a good idea to organize the bib numbers for race day pick up alphabetically so it is easy to look up.

Items Necessary for Registration

Make sure that race personnel fill out the bib number tags completely (e.g. Name, age, sex).

Make sure that the application is filled out completely (e.g. at the very least name, age, sex, and what event they are doing). Also the bib number assigned to that participant needs to be written on the application . Filling out tag, application.

Race Day Registration
In order for the participants to be properly timed Timing Consortium needs race day registration to be done properly. Here is a typical play by play list of what happens when a participant registers on race day:
Participant fills out application. Applications should be set out on table with pens.
Participant brings filled out application to race day personnel at registration table.
Race day personnel looks over application and make sure that the minimum information is on the application (e.g. Name, Age, Sex, and race they are participating in).
Race day personnel grabs a bib number and fills out the tag completely with the persons name,age,sex and writes the bib number assigned to the participant on their application.
Race participant is given their bib number, shirt, and goody bag. The participant can also grab safety pins for their bib number in a box set out at the registration table.
Timing Consortium personnel will then grab the application for data entry at 5 to 10 minute intervals depending on how busy the race day registration is.
Duplicate Entries or Non Registered Participants

Duplicate entries should be documented so Timing Consortium is aware of them.

Duplicate Entries are participants that did register or claim that they registered and are in the database but they forgot to bring their bib number to the race. They are then given a new bib number. If Timing Consortium is not made aware of the entry being a duplicate then the participant will be in the database twice. This in itself is not an issue but will skew the true amount of participants in the race. Race personnel need to be aware that they also may not receive all of their mail in participants or participants from Active or from a registration site. This may occur because not all of the applications for a site were given to personnel, or last minute Active registrants were not downloaded, or the mail in registration did not reach the required people in time etc. In this case it is up to the event manager as to whether this participant is given a number or not.

Typical Race Day Results Issues
Results for races are typically printed out as “preliminary results” for posting as the race is progressing. These results are posted and announced as to where they are located. The reason for posting preliminary results is to take care of typical race day issues for results. These issues are for the following reason.

Incorrect Sex - The participant did not put the correct sex on the application or they did not mark what sex they are which could be difficult to guess if the persons name is a cross gender type of name (e.g. Chris, Pat) etc.
The participant was not in the database. When a participant is not in the database because an application was not given to Timing Consortium personnel, or the application was lost etc. then what will happen is that the tag given at the end of the finish line will not be in the database. If this tag does not have the persons name, age, and sex written on it, then we have no choice but to enter “No Name” for the name, 99 for the age, and M for the sex.
No age - The participant may accidentally or purposely not put their age on the application. If this happens then they are put in the 99 category.
The person may not put down what category they are in (e.g. 5K run, 5K walk). Because of this they may be put in the incorrect category and show up on the incorrect set of results. Another scenario is that the participant decides to change what event they are in without informing any rae personnel.

Data Entry
Data entry is usually performed on race day by Timing Consortium personnel as they are experienced with the database software and can enter up to 200 or more entrants per hour. Data entry before race can be performed by the event personnel and this is commonly done. It saves money for the event and is not a core business for Timing Consortium personnel although we will do it according to the prices listed above. If event personnel decides to do the registration before the event then Timing Consortium will send you a spreadsheet template which you can use for registration. Bib numbers for the pre day of event registrants should be assigned on a regular basis as described above in the document. An example of the database should also be sent to the Timing Consortium personnel a week before the race just to make sure fields are being entered correctly and the data imports into the race software correctly. The template can be modified to have new fields added as needed for the event coordinators but the fields in the original template should not be deleted.
Course Certification
More races are certifying their courses as it attracts more runners and participants can be assured that the distance is accurate.
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Events and Results
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Scaffolding and Fence
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Sound and music
Sweetness & Company Mobile DJ
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